Foundations of Self-Care for Chronic Pain

Learn & Practice the Core Fundamentals for Pain Relief

Friday, October 7th, 14th, & 21st
at 9:00am-11:30am CST / 3:00pm-5:30pm UK
(recordings available if unable to attend live)


Hosted by Alissa Wolfe & Alison Hughes



The 4 Fundamentals You'll Discover in this Course:


Why it feels like you're stuck in a fight-or-flight response & how to get out of it.

Focus Your Actions

We will identify your goals & determine what action steps are necessary to focus on for success.


How to safely incorporate movement into your day-to-day without causing more pain.

Successful Sleep

Why sleep is SO important for your recovery AND practical ways to get better sleep.

Course Syllabus & Schedule

9:00-11:30am CST / 3:00-5:30pm UK

60 minutes:

 - Viewing Pain Thru The Lens of Neuroscience
 - The Science of Fight-or-Flight Responses
 - Visualization Practice to Reduce Fear Responses
 - Define Your Goals Workshop (Are your actions in alignment with your goals?) 

10 minutes: Break

60 minutes:

 - Live Gentle Mindful Movement Practice to activate the rest-and-digest response and release stress & anxiety (includes breath practice, guided relaxation, mindful movements, & more!) 

20 minutes: Q&A 

9:00-11:30am CST / 3:00-5:30pm UK

60 minutes:

 - Basics of movement & pacing with the nervous system in mind
 - Fundamental science of pain & how it affects movement 
 - Learn & practice a brain retraining drill that will enhance movement

10 minutes: Break

60 minutes:

  - Live Gentle Mindful Movement practice for healthy joints & spine and enhanced brain retraining for movement (includes mindful movement, breathing, and relaxation)

20 minutes: Q&A 

9:00-11:30am CST / 3:00-5:30pm UK

60 minutes:

 - Pain neuroscience lesson
 - The science of sleep
 - Learn important strategies for improving sleep

10 minutes: Break

60 minutes:

 - Live Gentle Restorative Mindful Movement Practice
 - Learn practical drills that enhance your ability to rest, digest, recover, and sleep

20 minutes: Q&A 

✨✨ BONUSES!!! ✨✨

BONUS: Facebook Group Access

Access to all the resources, handouts, downloads, and recordings in our private FB group for 3 weeks.

This is also a great space to ask questions & get guidance!

BONUS: Free Comfort Clarity Call with Alissa Wolfe

 45-minute, 1:1 call with Alissa to get clear on your next steps to continue you healing journey.

BONUS: Free Audio Download of Guided Relaxation with Alison Hughes

MP3 file you can save and use any time to help you relax.


Meet Your Expert Instructors:

Combining their expertise in chronic pain, neuroscience, and movement, Alison & Alissa are coming together to teach you the foundational knowledge & skills for pain relief.

Alissa Wolfe

I'm a chronic pain specialist with a doctorate in physical therapy and the founder of the Chronic Pain Breakup Method. It is my main priority to educate you about your body and the deeper cause of pain. I've been teaching and empowering people with chronic pain for over 8 years and I'm so excited to share with you the foundational knowledge & skills you need to develop a self-healing practice.

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Alison Hughes

I started my journey as a yoga & pain care teacher in 2004 when searching for natural therapies to cope with my own chronic pain. It is my passion to help others improve their quality of life physically, mentally, and emotionally, as this is what my practice has done for me. I'm so excited for you to learn & grow with me in this class series.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This 3-day course is for those who are:

  • challenged with persistent pain
  • friends & family members of people with pain
  • health professionals, coaches, and therapists wanting to broaden their knowledge & skills of how to support people living with chronic pain

YES! If you are limited with movement that is even more reason to do the course. Alissa & Alison are both highly trained professionals, experienced in teaching safe movement for people specifically with chronic pain. You will discover ways to enhance your ability to move safely without more pain or injury. We will modify the practice to suit all ability levels. 

Not a problem! We will email you recordings of the live classes and you can access them at any time in our private FB group. And don't worry, even if you miss the live Q&A sessions, you can post your questions in the FB group.

Mindful Movement Practice is a combination of Gentle Yoga, Mindfulness, Breathing, Moving Meditation, and Qigong practice.

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is a mind/body exercise and meditation that uses slow and precise body movements with controlled breathing and mental focusing to improve balance, flexibility, muscle strength, and overall health.

Viewing pain through the lens of neuroscience takes into consideration the role the nervous system plays in the experience of pain. This approach goes beyond the structural and mechanical causes of pain, addressing the changes in the nervous system. Learning the neuroscience of pain and deepening your understanding of why you hurt is the first step to healing. 

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