No matter your diagnosis or what you've tried in the past... 

I will help you beat chronic pain, naturally

My 16-week program, The Chronic Pain Breakup Method, gives you a simple step-by-step system for natural pain relief.

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The real reason why procedures, pills, and PT doesn't work

If you had a lamp that wasn’t working, you'd first you’d replace the light bulb. But if that didn’t work, maybe you’d try another light bulb… light bulb after light bulb you'd eventually start to think that the problem wasn’t your light bulb and maybe there's an electrical wiring issue.

Physical therapy, chiropractic care, surgery, and weight loss are all "light bulbs". They address the structural or mechanical faults in the joints and tissues. When they fail, its a pretty good indication that there's a nervous system issue.

There are well known changes in the nervous system that happen as a result of long-term pain, that cause the volume of our pain to get turned up.

We need to address the changes in the nervous system for more complete and lasting pain relief.

The Chronic Pain Breakup Method will help you retrain the pain pathways in your nervous system so you can tackle your pain problem from all angles.

What you WON'T find in my method:

  ❌ Mindfulness & Meditation
  ❌ Pain provoking PT exercises & stretches
  ❌ Vagus nerve drills
  ❌ Generic return to exercise program
  ❌ Excessive journaling
  ❌ Somatic Tracking or PRT
  ❌ Thinking your way out of pain

Instead... you'll find simple strategies & drills backed by neuroscience, designed to help you tackle your pain problem from all angles.

My Method Gets You:

  • A step-by-step system telling you exactly what to do & why, and how to modify it for your unique situation
  • Proven drills that retrain your nervous system & strategies that support & enhance nervous system retraining
  • A new approach to movement, activity, and exercise that will get you moving more - without causing painful flares
  • Access to your very own chronic pain specialist for expert guidance & accountability on weekly coaching calls
  • Next-level support in our private and intimate community group
  • Ongoing access to my Resources and Activity Libraries
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“I am literally living a new life after this program.

I no longer live in pain.
I do not fear what will happen next.
I am fully in charge of my life and my body and I have a great understanding.”

- Lisa,  37 y.o.

Holistic Chronic Pain Relief

It’s not always about the latest and greatest, cutting-edge medical interventions. By addressing the source of pain, you can start living a meaningful & fulfilling life without pain controlling your every move.

You see, you have the ability to heal. You deserve to know how to do it. And you don’t have to rely on the medical system to get you there.

There’s a no-fluff, holistic way to relieve pain naturally…

. . . without disappointing doctor visits or the frustration of hearing “it’s all in your head”

. . . without the anxiety of not knowing what’s going on or if it will keep getting worse

Rethink your pain management routine and get out of the cycle of overdoing it and paying for it later that hasn’t been working for you.

My pain relief blueprint is here to help you transform your relationship with pain, learn to heal naturally, and get back in the driver’s seat of your life.  

So why is chronic pain so hard to treat?

You were taught to trust in the medical system... You followed their rules & jumped through their hoops, only to be let down told “there’s nothing more we can do for you” unless you want more surgery, pills, injections, or yet another round of physical therapy.

Feeling like you’ve just been chewed up & spit out, you take that frustration & decide you’re gonna have to find the answers yourself because you can’t live life in pain... something has to change.

You enter the rabbit-hole of alternative medicine, woo-woo remedies, pricey pain relief gadgets, and after hours of searching & scrolling, your head is spinning, you’re questioning your sanity, and you feel like you’re back at square one.

You’re desperate for a no-fluff way to address the source of your pain that’s backed by real science, even if it means you have to do-it-yourself.

You know there’s no quick fix for chronic pain.

In a perfect world, there’d be a quick cure for chronic pain. But I know you’ve tried it all and found the treatments are just a Band-Aid providing short term relief. The problem is those treatments just cover up the symptoms but never get at the source of the pain.

Hidden changes in the nervous system cause & contribute to the symptoms of chronic pain. Reversing those changes is possible but takes work.

A quick-fix would be much easier, but waiting for the next gimmick, gadget, procedure, or pill will only lead to more wasted time and further disappointment like it has in the past. Retraining the nervous system is the secret to beating chronic pain.

Pain is complicated.

It’s not just about strength, flexibility, alignment, and inflammation. It’s a whole body problem that deserves a whole body solution.

Which is why the typical “pain management” strategies don’t work.

Chronic pain relief starts with zooming out and addressing the whole problem.

We’re so focused on the structures in our bodies, our muscles, joints, fascia, nerves, that we’ve forgotten there’s a whole nervous system that allows us to feel pain in the first place.

Your body is constantly changing & adapting, which can sometimes lead to an over protective, hyper-active nervous system, causing you to feel overly sensitive, foggy, irritable, ill, anxious, and achy all over.

What would happen if we started addressing the system that allows us to feel, move, think, & function?


  • Scheduling events without the fear of needing to cancel
  • Feeling less guilty about not being present and not contributing
  • Moving confidently without fear of what might happen next
  • Enjoying walks, hikes, and exercise without risking flare-ups
  • Feeling good about the body you’re in, knowing you’ll age with grace
  • No longer feeling isolated in a position that no one understands
  • Being able to say “I know where this pain is coming from and I know how to control it
Even if you can't visualize this right now, it doesn't mean you can't get there

Here's what you need:


Understanding the neuroscience behind pain is proven to decrease pain and disability.

Pain Retraining Tools

Fill your pain management tool box with the best drills based on neuroscience.


Guidance and accountability in a supportive and encouraging community environment.


 The Chronic Pain Breakup Method

The Chronic Pain Breakup Method is a comprehensive program that empowers women to beat stubborn pain naturally so they can live a fearless & fulfilling life using principles of neuroscience.

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The Chronic Pain Breakup Method contains the
3 elements you need for solid pain relief:


The Foundations

Not knowing the source of pain causes paralyzing anxiety. Through foundational lessons on pain neuroscience, you will be able to confidently identify the source(s) of your pain so that you will feel less anxious & fearful. You need to know why you hurt before you can heal. There is an explanation for your pain & the good news is - it's not all in your head.


The Tools

Would you keep trying to change a light bulb over & over if there was something wrong with the electrical wiring in your light? Traditional health care fills your pain management tool box with light bulbs when you need an electrician. Through actionable steps, you will fill your tool box with drills & strategies that will re-wire and re-sensitize your nervous system.


The Blueprint 

Having tools and a foundation isn't enough to build a stable structure - you're going to need a blueprint that will show you how & when to use the tools in your tool box. Through learning a simple & sustainable framework, you'll be able to stick to a consistent pain management routine that will over time lead to lasting pain relief.

The Chronic Pain Breakup Method
will help you:

Identify the
sources of pain

and spend less time worrying & more time living a fearless & fulfilling life

Move freely
& confidently

by transforming the way you go about your activities, movements, and exercises

Manage pain
& prevent flare-ups

so you can be more present, where it really matters in life & at work

Start sleeping
& moving better

to prevent pain from getting worse and avoid further disability

Rely less on

and feel empowered with tools that will equip you in your own ability to self-manage pain

Ramp up your tolerance for activity & exercise

without overdoing it or avoiding it, so you can do more of the things you love with less pain

Define the factors that influence
your pain

so you have fewer surprises and more predictable & preventable pain

Unlock your
nervous system's
ability to heal

with the right retraining drills & calming strategies that will lead to lasting pain relief

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What's Inside

The Chronic Pain Breakup Method?


Course Content Breakdown:

Module 1: Set up for Success 

  • Get set up with everything you need to know to be successful in the program

  • Initial self-assessment to get a snap shot of your starting point
  • Create goals & a plan for your future

Module 2: The Basics of Neuroscience-Based Pain Management  

  • What is chronic pain and why is it different than any other ache or injury
  • The basics of neuroscience and what it has to do with pain
  • Necessary mindset shifts to start with
  • Get started with one basic nervous-system calming strategy: breathing drills

Module 3: Taking The Foot Off The Gas 

  • Learn about the hypersensitive nervous system & take a deep dive into understanding the fight-or-flight response
  • How to force the body into a state of rest-and-digest
  • Recognizing when the pain really means "danger" and when it's really an amplified response
  • Establishing good sleep habits, hygiene, and routines from the get-go
  • Develop and implement your routines

Module 4: Adjusting Sensitivity  

  • What it really means to have a sensitive nervous system
  • Recognizing what factors influence the sensitivity of the nervous system
  • Identifying what factors trigger pain and what factors will help reduce it
  • Begin putting together tools to prevent & manage flare-ups
  • Bonus Lesson: How pain impacts levels of certain hormones and lab values

Module 5: Push to it, Not Through it 

  • The importance of finding a balance between overdoing it & avoiding it as it relates to the nervous system
  • Shift from practicing "No pain, no gain" or "rest is best" coping strategies to a "push to it, not through it" strategy
  • Learn a simple and strategic plan for exactly how to practice pacing to avoid overdoing it and gradually improving activity tolerance without causing flare ups

Module 6: What Are My Nerves Trying To Tell Me?  

  • How nerves become sensitive to various stimuli (like cold weather, stress, etc.)
  • How to recognize which stimuli the body is detecting & how to respond appropriately
  • How to reduce sensitivity to movement & changes in blood supply using nerve mobility drills
  • Exactly how to practice nerve mobility drills with examples for every nerve and how to modify for your tolerance level
  • Bonus Lesson: How traumatic injury, surgery, inflammation, and other factors cause increased nerve sensitivity and thus amplify pain

Module 7: Reversing The Effects of Pain on the Brain & Spinal Cord  

  • The effect long term pain has on the brain & spinal cord
  • How and why pain can spread without injury or re-injury
  • The role of immune responses in pain flare ups
  • How the structure and activity of the brain changes due to long-term pain
  • How to address brain changes using left/right discrimination drills
  • Exact process for how to practice left/right discrimination drills with various examples

Module 8: The Brain Fills in The Gaps  

  • How the brain becomes overprotective when it doesn't have enough information
  • How the brain amplifies danger messages and thus modulates the amount of pain experienced
  • Why pain causes problems with mood swings, brain fog, memory loss, irritability, difficulty sleep, and more.
  • New drills to retrain the body-brain map: Motor Imagery Drills
  • Exact strategy for how to practice motor imagery drills with specific examples

Module 9: Rewire & Resensitize  

  • How pain pathways become automatic
  • How pain becomes "wired together" with movement and activities
  • Learn about brain activity changes as a result of chronic pain
  • Learn new drills to re-sensitize the nervous system: sensory discrimination drills
  • Detailed instruction for exactly how to practice sensory discrimination drills correctly

Module 10: Illusion vs. Reality 

  • The connection between beliefs & the brain's protective response
  • Bonus Lesson: The role of medical imaging (x-rays, MRIs) in chronic pain... What do they actually tell us?
  • How to use optical illusions to retrain the brain's version of reality
  • Exact steps for how to retrain the brain using Mirror Therapy Drills with examples for each body part

Module 11: Putting Together a Pain Management Routine 

  • How and what to to stretch vs. how and what to strengthen - specifically for folks with chronic pain

  • Sample stretches, strength and stability drills, movement drills for EVERY body region

  • Build a framework to plug & play different drills & strategies into, so that you can create your own pain management routine

Module 12: How to Stay Consistent  

  • Implement a streamlined system, so you can stay on top of your goals, tasks, and pain-management routines

Module 13: Implementation Week  

  • Practice, problem solve, and trouble-shoot
  • Test your knowledge by taking the Pain Neuroscience Quiz

Module 14: Wrap Up & Next Steps  

  • A look at how far you've come
  • Detailed self-assessment and results reporting
  • Review your results and celebrate your success

The Chronic Pain Breakup Method arms you with no-fluff neuroscience and a clear & easy actionable system so you can retrain your nervous system as you go step-by-step through the program.


Get back to what matters most – yourself, your life, your family, your future – all while avoiding cookie-cutter care, the quick fixes, painful procedures & exercises, pricey gimmicks & gadgets, and medications that mess with your mind & body.

You'll get access to the learning lessons, action steps, group coaching calls, and private community so you can get to retraining your nervous system right away.

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Sounds Great!

So how much does it cost?

Join for 6 monthly payments of $299

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The Chronic Pain Breakup Method is for you if:

you have stubborn pain that's persisted for longer than 6 months and you think you might have a hypersensitive nervous system - take the self-assessment, click here 

are confused how you can have immense pain, fatigue, and other symptoms, yet no significant findings on diagnostic tests, but are curious about how the nervous system can contribute to the pain experience & it's mysterious comorbid symptoms

would like to get off the toxic medical merry-go-round that has repeatedly let you down again & again and instead want a more holistic approach that addresses the source of the pain, not just the symptoms

  you can say “I’ve tried everything" and feel like there's nothing else you can do (but there is!) and are looking for no-fluff ways to manage your pain naturally 

you are open minded, love learning, are coachable, aren't afraid to take your care into your own hands, and can commit to 16 weeks rewarding work

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“I used to worry that there was something seriously wrong with me and the pain would continue to worsen. I felt hopeless - like I had to live in pain forever. This program is very different from anything I've done in the past, focusing on the nervous system and the neuroscience of pain. This has changed my perspective on chronic pain, opened my eyes to what's going on in my nervous system, and gave me realistic tools I can use on a daily basis. I'm not as freaked out as I used to be. I don't live with that same level of fear or anxiety anymore. And perhaps the most important part is knowing that I'm not crazy - the pain is real!”

- Anonymous,  36 y.o.


➕ 14 Modules of Neuroscience Packed Learning Lessons & Simple, Step-by-Step Action Tasks 

➕ Weekly Coaching Calls x 16 weeks 

➕ Lifetime Access to the Resources & Activity Libraries 

➕ Exclusive access to our Private Community 


I wanted to build a comprehensive program that was more accessible & provides more support than traditional health care.

I am confident that this program is superior to any other pain management program available and down the road it can save you money on health care costs and help you miss less days of work.

If you’re ready to beat chronic pain naturally you’re in the right place.

 But it's not gonna happen without time, energy, and financial investment.

 The program investment is less than $2,000 USD but you're not buying an online course, you're getting a proven system to BEAT chronic pain.

Which means, you have to make the decision to prioritize your own health and needs, possibly for the first time ever.

Yes, that is uncomfortable and that's because change is hard and it's human nature to resist change.

Which is why I am here to walk along side you every step of the way so you can not possibly fail.

6 monthly payments of $299

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3 monthly payments of $537

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One time payment of $1497

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"After my work-related back and knee injuries, I was assigned multiple doctors who did not provide any helpful information as to how I could improve my personal health; rather, they wanted to slap a band aid on me and push me out the door.  Alissa provided a different approach, which emphasized mental fitness as much as physical fitness. Now that I understand my pain and how to deal with it, I’ve been able to set improvement goals while working “to” the pain rather than working “through” the pain, which I believe has improved the severity of both my back and knee pains."

- J.A. Kaneohe, HI
Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Alissa Wolfe

I created The Chronic Pain Breakup Method for people like you who are fed up and frustrated with chronic pain.

Because a few years back I decided people with chronic pain needed a safe place to turn to for support. Through advanced specialty training, research, and listening to & learning from my patients, I learned that applying the principles of neuroscience to chronic pain management was a way to treat the whole problem, not just the symptoms.

Empowering people with chronic pain to find healing is my calling and I’ve dedicated my career to learning everything about chronic pain.

Over the years I fought the restrictions put in place by insurance companies and the health care industry, and eventually gave up and got out. If you can’t beat ‘em, start from scratch, right?

I left my stable career as a physical therapist to pioneer a better way to deliver support to those suffering with chronic pain. 

This approach has transformed the lives of so many individuals with chronic pain, empowering them with real, effective neuroscience-based pain management solutions.

And now, I’m handing over the exact method I've used to help so many others like you, retrain their nervous system to beat chronic pain.

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Just the FAQs

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“I trusted traditional medicine to have all the answers but in the process of waiting, my pain got worse. I began to lose hope. When I found Alissa's program, I decided I was worth it. I have learned so much. I have had more pain-free days and more hope. My sleep has improved, the anxiety I felt about pain has decreased, my brain is less cluttered, and I am more grateful and empowered. What Alissa taught me will go with me throughout my remaining days and will help me age with grace.”
 - Allison

Stop letting chronic pain run you.

Let’s put you back in the driver’s seat of your life, so you can do what you love.

If you’re ready to finally beat chronic pain by retraining your nervous system,
enroll in The Chronic Pain Breakup Method and get:

+ 14 Modules (Learning lessons and action tasks, handouts)

+ Group Community Support

+ Weekly Group Coaching Calls

+ Access to content, coaching calls, and community for 16 weeks

+ Lifetime access to The Resources & Activities Libraries

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What's my investment?

Join for 6 monthly payments of $299

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Join for 3 monthly payments of $537

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Not sure of your next steps? 


Whether your pain care needs a mini makeover or a total reboot... if you want to make sure you're doing everything in your power to BEAT your stubborn pain... Grab a spot on my calendar so we can talk it through. I want to hear all about your pain condition, what you've tried in the past, and what you're struggling with to see what the best approach is for you.  The call is free and there's literally no commitment aside from showing up on the call.

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Hi, I'm Alissa Wolfe


helping you beat chronic pain by
retraining your nervous system