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Want to Breakup With Your Current Pain "Managing" Routine?

Breakthrough Chronic Pain Once & For All

(even if you've tried everything and nothing works)


Dear warrior,

If you've been hitting dead ends with your unending pain, refusing to accept the so-called “new normal” or “learning to live with it”, but YOU’RE STUCK because you don’t know what else you can do and have grown weary of dismissive doctors and unanswered questions - you’re in the right place.

You're going to get the answers you deserve and learn about the main, hidden underlying cause of persistent pain... And how to address this often overlooked piece of the pain problem, without painful exercises, generic stretches, expensive gadgets, restrictive diets, ineffective psychology-based mind-body methods, or woo-woo fads founded in pseudoscience.

Register now to learn the secrets, science, and the exact, tried-and-true, simple strategies countless warriors have used to slash their pain levels sustainably, without working harder, even when they tried it all and they felt like this was their last resort.

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Do MORE than just 'manage'.

Between the dismissive doctors and conflicting explanations, I'm willing to bet you have more than a handful of unanswered questions.

This course, tailored specifically for individuals like you, when you're at your wits' end, exhausted after countless disappointments, yet desperate for solutions and deserving of answers… Learn the mind-blowing science and groundbreaking research that has taken one burnt-out warrior (like many many others with similar stories) from doing all the “right things” with no effect, exhausted, fearful, and hopelessly tied to her heating pad, made some small, simple changes that led to massive reductions in pain, while getting more active and getting off the medications she hated… and all without more time-consuming exercises or mental drills that felt like a chore, or expensive gadgets and home remedies that were eating up her time and savings.


  • How to ensure you’re addressing all the aspects of your pain, and unlock additional relief, even if doctors claim there’s nothing else you can do.
  • Regulating fight-or-flight responses, digging up repressed emotions, sending yourself safety messages, and attempting to reframe pain as a neutral sensation should be the focus because so many others do it… Right? Wrong. Find out how truly successful people just like you, overcame their stubborn pain problem.
  • How you, too, can easily implement a sustainable pain care routine requiring less time it takes to listen to your favorite podcast, freeing you from the constant burden of having to think about managing pain, all day, every day, for the rest of your life.
  • The secret behind how to relieve pain with no more guessing so you can finally have the confidence to go on that trip you’ve been too scared to book.

Hi! I'm Dr. Alissa Wolfe... 


I'm a chronic pain specialist and I've helped hundreds of proactive women finally take charge of their endless joy-stealing pain, without just another prescription, worthless procedures, pain-provoking exercises, or dubious mind-body methods.

This course reveals the groundbreaking pain research that helps my clients unlock sustainable pain relief going far beyond traditional methods.

With this insight, you'll eliminate the guesswork around what else you can do to get true relief, empowering you with more knowledge and proactive strategies to finally reduce or even eliminate pain and get back to what you were meant to do.

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  • The #1 factor holding you back from unlocking pain relief and regaining energy (it *is* within your control and surprisingly easy to do).
  • How you can go from broken and burnt-out to energized, present, confident, and in control of your life and body, with simple (and fun) strategies you can do on your own from your own home, that won’t consume your day-to-day life, so you have time to actually enjoy those precious moments everyday and do what you need to do. (I’ll reveal exactly what I teach my clients so you can try it too.)
  • The truth about inflammation… Everyone is talking about "anti-inflammatory this"… "inflammation that"… Is the focus on inflammation overkill? Are the efforts to reduce inflammation with all the injections, pills, creams, and restrictive diets really worth the squeeze?
  • The surprising reason why some people bounce back post-injuries and can get on with their lives, while others seem to be burdened with intense pain following them around like a dark cloud for years on end.
  • Why the new-age psychology-based, mind-body methods fall short, leaving you feeling like a failure when they don’t work for you (Spoiler: it’s not all in your head).

All you need to know about this course…

WHAT: This three-part course is jam-packed with groundbreaking science that will debunk the misleading pain management fluff out there that doesn't work, fill in the knowledge gaps and answer your lingering questions, providing you with not only an even better direction to take with your pain care approach, but also with a proven plan mapping out the simple steps you can take to quickly transform your pain and get back to what you need and want to do… the easiest possible way.

You'll even learn how to double your activity level with half the pain. Imagine that... Getting twice as active but without worrying about pain or paying for it later? No more push-and-crash cycle or energy budgeting? Heck yes, I’ve got you covered.

Watch pre-recorded lessons inside the course when it’s most convenient for you. You’ll have access to the whole course for a full week - because, let's be honest, if I gave you unlimited time, you might never get around to it... Sometimes we need a little accountability.

INVESTMENT: Whatever you want.

Get in for $1, buy Alissa a coffee, or pay what you think the outcome of this training is worth to you.

I’ll even give you a refund if you regret it.


"I just watched it, and it was so good... It makes so much sense, and I loved the science behind it. Thank you. And so well put together and easy to understand." - J.M.

"I did not realize that the threshold for pain decreases with repetitive activity that causes pain. But, it makes so much sense as I do experience this with certain activities, such as dishes and laundry or any other heavy day where I have a lot going on in terms of physical activities. This has been so informative!" - D.C.

"I liked the discussion about inflammation-it made so much sense it me." - W.N.

This course shouldn't cost you a dime, and here's why...

You know deep down something is going on in your body, you just haven’t figured it out… YET.

You know there's a missing piece to your pain care puzzle, but you’re not sure what it is.

This training is guaranteed to give you the clarity you need.

And, depending on how well you know Alissa (and her success rate with her clients), and depending on how you’re doing, you should get to invest what you want with full confidence.

Pay what you want, based on how much you think this course is worth.

And if you don’t love it for any reason, just ask for a refund.



âś… Unsolved Pain Mysteries: Pain Care Secrets Revealed, Myths Busted
 (48 mins, pre-recorded video lesson) - Value: $57

  • Uncover the hidden, often overlooked, root cause of stubborn pain, that even your doctors might be missing, and why traditional treatment methods fall short despite you doing all the “right things”.
  • Learn to pinpoint and sidestep those less-than-obvious habits or advice that could unintentionally be making things worse and replace them with effective strategies you can focus on to keep pain under control.
  • Learn how many chronic pain warriors have been able to save money, time, and energy with a more directed and comprehensive pain care approach, thus breaking the frustrating cycle of trying more of the same ineffective treatments while hoping for a different outcome.
  • Learn a more sustainable and even more effective long-term pain care solution so you can be sure you’re doing everything in your power to address your pain problem head-on, leaving you feeling more empowered, confident, and hopeful than ever before.

✅ 3 Surprising Hidden Pain Amplifiers You Can’t Afford to Ignore - Spoiler, it’s NOT your diet, posture, stress, or even pesky inflammation. (55 mins, pre-recorded video session) - Value: $57

  • Learn the science behind why your off-the-chart, endless pain has felt like a complex unsolvable puzzle, even when doctors seem to be scratching their heads or giving you a cocktail of confusing advice and conflicting explanations.
  • Learn which methods only address the symptom of pain and the fight-or-flight response, and how you can easily pair these “management” strategies with techniques that get to the deeper cause of the pain problem to provide effective long-lasting relief.
  • Learn the real, concrete science explaining why your stubborn pain is not just “all in your head”, going beyond vague theories or B.S. pseudoscience, offering you much-needed validation and game-changing clarity on how you can tackle the problem head-on, restoring hope for a life where pain doesn’t consume your thoughts and dictate your every move.

✅ The Comprehensive Pain Care Blueprint (1hr 9 mins, pre-recorded video session) - Value: $57

  • Learn the step-by-step blueprint that’s helped many many many women reduce pain by 50% or more, while also giving their activity level a huge boost and freeing up energy for daily activities, so they can be more present at work and home, get out of the house and have a social life again, and even rediscover the joy in doing what they used to love.
  • Discover a simple, sustainable, pain care routine that takes just 20 minutes a day, that will deliver noticeable reductions in pain without having to work harder, or wasting more of your valuable time and energy on mindfulness exercises, self-care tasks, or exercises that feel like a chore.
  • Learn tactics that are not just "mind-over-matter" - that go beyond just "managing" pain.
  • Discover my mindset hack that will help you navigate your setbacks and flare-ups with a new, fresh perspective, so you can keep making progress without getting derailed when life throws you curveballs (the key to long-term success!).

✅ BONUS: "The Chronic Pain Notebook" Download - Value: $127

  •  Your go-to tool that will aid in rigorous self-accountability, encouraging adherence to your personalized pain care plan while shifting your focus from dwelling on symptoms, to proactive pain care strategies, significantly enhancing your control over pain on both good days and bad days.
  • This will be your comprehensive flare-up management tool. Get equipped with a dynamic pain-flare tracker, transforming your ability to predict, prevent, and navigate through painful flare-ups and helps unearth and manage elusive pain triggers, enabling you to stop flare-ups in their tracks, thus revolutionizing your pain journey.
  • Streamline your health records for an optimized doctor visit experience with an integrated system that keeps your essential medical history and crucial dates organized. This tool enables you to monitor symptoms during a flare-up and offers fillable pre-doctor-visit summary pages. Everything is stored in one place, enhancing your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently during medical appointments. As a result, you'll experience less stress during these visits, making your journey towards improved health more enjoyable.
  • Far more than a simple pain journal, the Chronic Pain Notebook is your indispensable partner in pain management. It equips you with a comprehensive system to anticipate, manage, and prevent pain, resulting in an enriched quality of life and peace of mind.

✅ Access to Exclusive Private Support Group Community containing handfuls of Valuable Trainings & Resources (pre-recorded, in the FB group) - Value: $137

Total Value: $435

>> pay what you think the outcome of this training is worth to you.


Breakthrough Chronic Pain: Online Course 


$435 value, normally $137

Pay what you think the outcome of this training is worth to you.

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