Holistic Chronic Pain Relief Without the Fluff

Online program to help you beat chronic pain with the power of neuroscience - so you can take back your life


Holistic Chronic Pain Relief Without the Fluff

Online program to help you beat chronic pain with the power of neuroscience - so you can take back your life





All you want is to be able to live without fearing your every move.

To do the day-to-day stuff with ease instead of feeling guilty.

To live boldly and confidently instead of silently mourning the loss of your identity and what your life could be without this pain.

And you’re left thinking “is this the new normal?”


Pain relief isn’t just about strength, flexibility, alignment, posture, & inflammation. You have a whole nervous system hiding in there, making your pain a much more complicated problem. But the solution isn’t that complicated.

With an approach based on neuroscience you can remember what it’s like to:

  • Move freely without dreading flare-ups.

  • Confidently make plans without fear of needing to cancel.

  • Create meaningful memories without feeling exhausted & foggy.


What the heck does neuroscience have to do with pain?

Your nervous system is the living, breathing network that passes messages back and forth in your body.

Neuroscience has to do with the activity within your nervous system - we’re talkin’ your nerves, spinal cord, and brain.

The nervous system controls your experience of pain, fight-or-flight responses, cognitive functions, and the function of the digestive, reproductive, and immune systems.

Changes in the way the nervous system communicates can do a number on your experience of pain and can lead to any number of scary, seemingly unexplainable symptoms.

But it’s not all in your head - and I’m here to help you retrain your nervous system.


The Chronic Pain Breakup Method

Find lasting pain relief without the fluff, the woo, or the feel-good gimmicks. Beat chronic pain with neuroscience.


"I am literally blown away. It makes soooo much sense. I see actual light at the end of my tunnel. I feel like there is actual hope for maybe the first time ever - and it doesn’t involve more medicine, eating weird restrictive diets, or joining a cult."

 - Lisa

You could keep doing the same things over and over again - but why would you?

Addressing the nervous system can look like:

  • Fewer and shorter flare-ups

  • More good days than bad days

  • Avoid surgery, procedures, pills, and more rounds of painful physical therapy

  • More energy and clear-headedness

  • Knowing this is not your fault and it’s not all in your head


"I have had pain on and off for about 15 years. I have had a bunch of different treatments that I've been through but all of these are just like a band aid; it fixes it for a while but doesn't actually have any long term impacts in my life or on my pain levels. One of the things I learned with Alissa is that I'm not making up my pain, there is still something going on there causing the pain. She was able to teach me to manage my pain a lot better & to be able to function in life on a high level. I'm having longer stretches of good days where I'm not in severe pain where I can't get out of bed & I'm actually able to go to work & enjoy a full week of work. Its made huge impact in my life. I’m happy again & I'm not constantly miserable because I'm in pain."

 - D.S., Manhattan, KS


Hey there. I’m Alissa!

As a chronic pain specialist, I’ve spent countless hours with folks who thought their pain was forever. I want you to know it doesn’t have to be that way for you! 

If you’re like me, the fluffy, feel good, lay on the floor and meditate, get in touch with your organs, journaling, grounding, and tapping just doesn’t totally jive with you. If you’re more of a logical, systematic thinker and problem solver like me, you need treatment methods that are scientific and evidence-based.

All that positive thinking is great but it’s not going to cure the pain, or at least it hasn’t so far. You don’t just want to learn how to cope with your pain, you’ve been doing that for years and you’re actually quite good at it! You want to find ways to get rid of it - including a concrete explanation for why you hurt and practical strategies and drills that will alter the strength of the pain pathways in your nervous system. If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

As a chronic pain specialist, I believe neuroscience is your best friend. I’m here to empower you to beat chronic pain naturally by retraining your nervous system so you can live a fearless and fulfilling life.


Trusted by many chronic pain warriors
- and their nervous systems.

I loved the content! So helpful and not found anywhere else!

Alissa simply blows me away with all I have learned from her. Kind, caring and sharing of so much knowledge that she makes so easy to understand… I am so grateful.

This program was one of the best investments I have ever made for my health.

Chronic pain can be more manageable and, dare I say, treatable.

Whether your pain is due to invisible illness or known injuries or diseases, by addressing the nervous system, you can gain control of your pain.


It's never too late to take back your life.


Not sure of your next steps? 


Maybe your pain care needs a makeover or a total reboot... but you have no idea where to start. Grab a spot on my calendar so we can talk it through. I want to hear all about your pain condition, what you've tried in the past, and what you're struggling with so that we can make sure you're doing everything in your power to get in control of your stubborn pain. The call is free and there's literally no commitment aside from showing up on the call.

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