CLIENT SUCCESS STORY: Chanda Says: "It makes me feel like a human again"

This was one heck of a heartwarming conversation...   

Let me first give you a little back story... I met Chanda about 8 months ago. 

She was struggling with the YEARS (decades) of chronic pain and illness. She was doing everything she could to try to feel better... EVERYTHING. She got to a point where, like so many, she couldn't imagine her life could be any better.   

In addition to sciatica, back pain, and shoulders that felt like glass, the worst of her pain was the constant, debilitating migraines.   

After chatting about how much she had been through and already tried, it made sense to me that she would be skeptical about trying something else...  

But despite her skepticism, she decided to give it a try, figuring since it was science-based, it had to be worth a try (spoiler alert... it WAS!!).   

She (hesitantly) got started in the Chronic Pain Breakup Method and her results were too phenomenal not to share!   

Within a matter of weeks, she started noticing a difference. Something clicked... and before she knew it she had reached her goal of being able to work out every day.   

"To go from, not just bed bound, but SOOO ILL in bed, to now, I've got something everyday that I'm doing. That is incredible. I really never thought I'd be able to do anything ever again."   

But my favorite part about Chanda's story is that she didn't have to believe it would work for it to work.   

"I'm able to manage it and function much more than I was before... and it didn't take extreme effort. It didn't take belief. It didn't take anything woo-woo. It just is something that works."   

In this episode, Chanda shares her inspiring story of transformation, and talks about:

  • how she met her goals
  • what was missing from her pain care
  • what the drills were like
  • what she learned in the program
  • what it was that kickstarted changes in her body

And if you want to take that leap of faith and try something new despite being skeptical, despite being scared, despite the fear... it all starts with a free phone call with me where we connect 1:1 to get clear on whether this is an approach that could help you tackle your chronic pain problem.   

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