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Wanna know where you can go to learn more about the neuroscience of pain, the nervous system, and what you can do to address the changes in your nervous system?

In this episode, I'm sharing HOW I learned everything I know about pain neuroscience and the nervous system...  

I'm going to share with you some insights about the content that's available out there to learn more on this topic...  

And where I recommend you go to find trustworthy, factual information to deepen your learning.  


Top Pain Researchers to Start Following:

  • Lorimer Moseley
  • David Butler
  • Paul Hodges
  • Joe Niijs
  • Adrianan Louw
  • Emilio Puentedura
  • Kory Zimney
  • Mira Meeus

Episode: "[FULL TRANSPARENCY] Data Outcomes of The Chronic Pain Breakup Method" ==>  

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