5 Elements You Need to Beat Stubborn Pain

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I have had the unique experience of creating multiple pain programs across the US and have learned alot along the way about what works and what doesn't work. 

I've found that there are a few key elements that really are necessary to have on board to be successful in getting stubborn pain under control.

Those 5 key elements are: 

1. Gaining a deeper understanding of the biology of pain and the role the nervous system plays in pain. 

2. A consistent daily practice of nervous system retraining drills & strategies. 

3. A step-by-step plan to get you through any situation or set back. 

4. Expert Guidance & Accountability

5. Community Support

In this episode, I'll dive deep into why each of these elements are so important and how you can incorporate these pieces into your pain care approach. 

No pain care approach is complete without all five! 



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