How to Support Your Loved One With Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain is hard for obvious reasons, but what makes pain conditions worse is the isolation.
The loneliness that comes as a side effect of the condition can hurt more than the pain itself. Which is why it's so extremely important to have a supportive tribe.
In fact, that support is so important that it can even impact the person's likelihood of recovery. Individuals with more support tend to have a better prognosis and tend to rely less on medications, have higher tolerance for activity, and lower pain levels!
It takes a special kind of person to want to learn to care for and support someone with chronic pain. But even those with the best intentions can say things that are hurtful and aren't so supportive. It happens to all of us. 
It's human nature to want to fix things. When someone tells us about a problem they're having, we automatically start thinking of solutions.
But unless you're a medical professional, that person with chronic pain isn't looking to you for solutions.

Support ≠ Solutions

Watching a loved one struggle and suffer with pain can make you feel helpless. But there are many ways you can offer support without attempting to "fix" them. 
Sometimes a little extra guidance is required to know the right things to say and how to best support someone with chronic pain.
There are two ways to really support someone with chronic pain: First, is with your words... and second is with your actions...
I created a guide that shows you exactly what to say (and what not to say) AND what things you can do.
This guide has practical tools that will help anyone love and support their person with chronic pain better.
If you have a loved one with chronic pain, download this FREE guide and let them know what you learned!
Or, if you have chronic pain and you have someone who has showed they want to know how they can help you better, download this guide and send it their way.

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