What is the root cause of your pain?

Your nervous system may not be the cause of your pain, but HOW DO YOU KNOW your nervous system is not the cause of your pain?
One of the biggest problems I see is that most people with persistent pain don't know that their nervous system is part of the problem & they end up searching for answers in all the wrong places.
So, I compiled a bunch of scientific research and put it into quiz form, to help you get some answers.
Whether your pain is structural, mechanical, or neurologic, this quiz will tell you the root cause of your pain.
Find out if you have a tissue issue or a neurologic pain problem!
On top of that, I'll give you tips to help you overcome your specific pain condition.
Take the quiz (link in bio) and then jump back over here and tell me what you got!
The result may surprise you.
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Let's take your pain management to the next level. The Chronic Pain Notebook is not just another pain journal. It's a tool that will help you stay organized, hold yourself accountable to your healthy habits and consistent routines, stop flare-ups in their tracks, and cut down on the stress of doctor visits.

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