Understanding CRPS [PART 2 of 3]: The Truth About it’s Neurobiology and Effective Treatments

Welcome to Part 2 of this discussion on CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), where you'll uncover some of the misinformation out there surrounding pain managing strategies used for CRPS. 

In the world of CRPS, pain managing strategies are not all created equal. I wish I could they we're all no harm, no foul, but the truth is, there are some pain management strategies that, while they may relieve pain in the short term, have a long-lasting, negative impact on your condition because they may exacerbate the underlying issue. 

In this episode, I'm clearing up some of the misinformation surrounding:
- Electrical Stimulation for CRPS
- Pain Numbing Remedies (like ice, numbing creams, nerve blocks, injections, ablations, lidocaine patches, and opioid medications)
- Ketamine for CRPS
- Immobilization (physical or functional)
- Physical Therapy
- Modalities
- Desensitization therapy
- Vagus nerve stimulation

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